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Posted on December 27, 2015 at 12:15 AM

Self-Care Series: Part 2


By: Jessica Brooks Morency

“Being grateful to and for others is the gift that we can give to ourselves daily.”

An attitude of gratitude, or as we believers call it: Praise and Thanksgiving, is the exercise that expands not only personal joy, but our ability to receive more of life’s goodness. Appreciating what, where, and who we are, are not always easy to do. There are those moments we desire to dwell on the negative and remain lifelong guest at our very own pity parties. We are human after all. But, this consistent way of thinking is merely a trap which leads towards a downward spiral of depression, anger, frustration and confusion. Reflecting on the goodness in our lives shifts perspectives and wellbeing. Learning to be content with our current circumstances does not make us complacent nor lacking ambition.

Possessing a thankful spirit is a weapon so powerful it repels negativity while attracting abundance. Last week we discussed the importance of goal setting and progression. Let’s learn to embrace and appreciate where we are today as we endeavor towards tomorrow.

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