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Where is my sister's friend?

Posted on May 14, 2016 at 2:35 PM

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Today, there is a serious issue!

Finding true friends or just that one real sister friend…. Sad huh? Yes, it hurts me to my core. But why tho? Why? Back in my days, a person’s character was easier to recognize and not hidden by a false smile in a text or covered by shade in an email. A Sister Friend was right in your face and had your back. She was there and not hidden in the cell phone or on your notepad! We laughed out loud in front of each and other not “LOL” in a cloud. Our coffee time was sitting in our kitchens, eye to eye with convo, not with a Starbucks frappe or Caramel Macchiato to go! In times of need a Sister Friend was there indeed. She kept your deepest secrets and covered you in prayer. Together we cried and kneeled. There were no underlying traces of our business put out on the “www” for everybody to wonder. “Is she talking about me?" Naaaa, we didn't have that cowardly agenda. Instead, we had good ole simple “trust”

Sister Friends knew how to read all your silent cues of distress without saying one word. She would come get the kids, and tell you go ahead and get some rest. She would go get some groceries and bring them to your kitchen; enough food for the week. When your account was zero and hers was twenty, Sister Friend gave you ten. That's how we rolled without speaking one word on a cellphone or text.

Sister Friend where you at? Hiding behind that screen for all the world to think they see? Are you somewhere shedding real tears while typing LMBO? Is your head down while looking thru IG or FB searching for who and what you think you can see; absorbed in this fake reality. Are you sucked into this impersonal eternal black hole of disconnect? We are missing all the cues! There is no direct person convo, everyone moving so fast... ain't got no time for me!

We're passing each other in the wind!

Girl, Where is my Sister? Where is my friend?

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