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"She's Your Queen To Be"

Posted on November 18, 2016 at 10:55 PM

Congratulations to Michele Anderson Dekle, our "Blogger of the Month":

"For those of you who know me, you KNOW how much I love the movie “Coming To America”, and I can probably say the entire script for memory, lol! There is a scene in the movie where the character “Oha” sings a song to the character “Prince Akeem”, announcing his new bride, who will be his queen. The song includes the line, “She's Your Queen To Be” which is said multiple times throughout the song. Somehow, after singing this song and laughing at myself, my mind instantly thought of Queen Esther, the faith she exercised, and the integrity she displayed.

Queen Esther wasn't always a Queen. Esther was a lovely young girl who obtained favor from the King. Well as the story goes, Esther was put in a position to save the Jews from the wrath of the King who favored her. The ironic thing is, the King who hated Jews, loved Esther, and he didn't know she was a Jew herself. When it came down to maintaining favor from the King and remaining silent about the fact that she was Jewish, or making a choice to be honest no matter the consequences, Esther chose to honor people and stand up for what was right. (Esther 4:14) Esther knew the fate of her people was on her shoulders and boy did she deliver!

There is so much to learn from the life Esther chose to lead. So many things worked together for her good. Esther was at the right place at the right time, she had favor with God, and when it mattered most, she displayed integrity and stood up for who she was. I will go a step further and say Esther displayed great faith when she stood up for the Jews and revealed she also was a Jew. Are you allowing God to place you where He can use you? Is your integrity in tact? Are you an encourager? As women, it is so important that we don't let ANYONE force us to fade into the background, or diminish ourselves to fit their agenda. If we are going to encourage each other, I mean really support one another we must do so when it may be easier to fade to black. We must remind our Sister Friends to always have faith in what seems impossible, and to always live a life of integrity, no matter what. People who display integrity are joyful because they take their instruction from the Lord (Psalm 119:1). So ask yourself his question…Got Joy?! I believe the only way to have real joy is to do what my favorite high school teacher preached to us on a daily basis, “To thine own self be true.”

-Michele Dekle

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