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"Get in Formation"

Posted on December 13, 2016 at 10:40 PM

Blog for December, Written by: Michele Dekle

"Every so often my husband and I will have a disagreement about something silly like football or grocery shopping, and those small disagreements often go from 0-60 really quickly because (regardless of whether he is right or wrong), I often push things too far.


As women, we are called to lead many things. We raise children, we run organizations, we head ministries...you name it, we do it. We also serve in supporting rolls in many areas too. In my opinion, a great leader must know how to lead as well as follow. We can lead and follow with the best of them. So why is it so hard for us to get in formation when it comes to our husbands?


Let's be honest, being a helpmeet is no easy job. There is a huge deal of responsibility, when you aren't 100% things around you are likely to suffer in some way, and most importantly being a great helpmeet requires you to strike a balance between what you want personally and what is best for a given situation. To put it plain, you have to be humble.


In one of my favorite readings lately, Humility is defined as meekness, modesty, submissiveness. Yes, as wives we are charged to submit to our husbands. Yes, we hold a great responsibility to create a home full of peace and comfort for our families. Yes, we must nurture and care for our children. But we don't do these things just because "it's a woman's job" to do it, we don't do it because our husbands tell us to, but we do it as unto the Lord because that is exactly what HE instructed us to do. (Ephesians 5:22). The word advises husbands and wives to love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other. (Romans 12:10) We have to do what's right now on Earth because that is what the Lord advises. We must be humble and exalt ourselves unto the Lord so that He will exalt us. (James 4:10)


This is not my favorite topic to discuss, but important nonetheless. We empower one another to work hard, to make our own money,


to be our own boss, and ALL of those things are important. Likewise, it is last important to empower each other as Sisters in Christ to do this thing the way God intended. Walk with a spirit of humility, honor your husband, Get In Formation!"


"Humility is not an ideal, it is the unconscious result of life being rightly related to God." – Oswald Chambers



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