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“Congratulations to our Spotlight for July: Lynette Vaughn and L.S. Vaughn Delights!

Lynnette Vaughn was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is a wife, mother and full time volunteer event coordinator, who has the heart to serve God’s people. Her passion for cooking began as a hobby, but became therapeutic. She noticed how the love of food connected people and the love it brought. It became something she wanted to explore more of. She began learning about different dishes and desserts from other cultures, as well as various spices and how to combine them to create a feeling of love.

At L S Vaughn Delights, we honor bringing people together over our small bite appetizers made with a big dose of love to satisfy the soul. We create an atmosphere of comfort for those in need of “a little” peace and “a little” reminder of God’s unconditional love. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that have the biggest impact. “

Our motto is “Small Bites, Big Delights”.

L S Vaughn Delights

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