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"Sierra Hilaire is the wife to her childhood sweetheart Lionel Hilaire and the mother of 3 princesses and a prince. She is also a certified Restoration Life Coach, Visionary Strategist and the President of Divine Potential Services, Inc. Sierra is a Spirit-led woman who is on an assignment to activate women to be authentic, balanced and free to relentlessly pursue purpose through practical strategies, solutions and support.

Sierra's leadership skills has led her on a journey to become a change catalyst in her community, church and the marketplace. Gifted and lifted with special speaking skills, she serves faithfully in humility as a voice to declare victory in the lives of people.

Her authentic applications bring balance both spiritually and practically to those she serves so they can experience restoration, realignment and resolve in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.

A proud member of the Visionary Strategic Society, Sierra has steered her vision to a reality. Trained and equipped with the tools necessary, Sierra successfully launched a non-profit 501c3 organization (Divine Potential Services, Inc.) in 2017 whose mission is to restore families and empower change. This organization host four annual events a year for men, women and children. They also provide family coaching, youth and young adult mentoring through initiatives, pre-marital and marriage mentoring and business consulting for other non-profit organizations. 

She was also spotlighted in Sisterhood Magazine back in 2017 for defining what true sisterhood means. Sierra embraces entrepreneurship with the spirit of excellence and being a full time stay at home Mom with grace, grit and gratitude. She believes that all things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to his purpose."
Restoration Life Coach

"Jessica R. Brooks often dances to the beat of her own drum. Due to her light-hearted nature, she is more aware than some may perceive and appreciates the unconventional. When she is not exploring locally and abroad, she enjoys teaching, training, and administration as a Human Resources Professional. As a millennial thought-leader, Jessica hopes to influence and impact the world in a positive way through communication, inspiration, and mindfulness. She is a staunch advocate of divine self-love and expression --doing the inner work to cultivate it beyond catchy memes on social media. Jessica is a writer, lover of diverse music genres, never afraid of a dance floor with a spit-fire personality all clothed in grace and warmth. Her favorite poet is Audre Lorde and she has a genuine desire to constantly evolve and grow in her faith with God. Brooks Haute Administrative & Consulting Services is a boutique service offering professional resume writing, employment interview consulting, and talent development. Other services include assisting with graduate school essay/personal statements. Jessica’s consulting services has yielded quick results for her clients who also appreciate her honest feedback and career coaching. Are you ready to expand your job search? Perhaps your writing needs more polish.

 Contact Jessica today at: [email protected]"

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